About Us

Welcome to LemonJuice.com – we connect art lovers to art makers.


We connect art enthusiasts with the world’s finest emerging and established contemporary artists.

Artists from all over the world upload their work on our site so that they can become more famous and sell their work.The idea is to have an expert do the marketing instead of the artists themselves.

LemonJuice.com have a limited number of quality artists, in order to prevent our visitors from getting lost among the thousands of artists on other websites.

LemonJuice Ltd. was founded in 2013 by Swedish born Michael Mosesson who made a career change from the world of high-tech to the world of art.
Though Michael`s technological skills are contributing to the building of the website, his passion lies with the creative nature of art and he is a proud supporter of top artists, from emerging artists to established masters.

Shai Lavi – Digital Marketing Manager

A professional and methodological manager of digital marketing, internet campaigns and internet technologies including E-learning, organizational portals and marketing technologies.

Shay has managed complex technological projects from the planning phase to the development, implementation and integration stages and is familiar with web-based projects including websites, apps, learning environments, online games and much more.