Svante Trottestam


My name is Svante Trottestam. I am 41 years old and I live in Stockholm, or just outside the city.

Jag heter Svante Trottestam, bor i Stockholm och började måla för c:a 25 år sedan. Min utbildning är: Domen konstskola, Göteborg 94/96. Konstfack, Stockholm 96/99 . City and Guilds Art School, London 05/06. Jag målar nästan enbart i olja på duk, och mitt huvudsakliga tema sedan lång tid tillbaka är skugg eller ljusspel av olika slag. En målningsidé kan komma när och var som helst: under en promenad i skogen eller medan jag läser i en tidning; jag söker aldrig efter dem, åtminstone inte medvetet - de brukar i rikt antal dimpa ned ändå. Små skisser hjälper mig att hålla dem i minnet, och sedan väljer jag ut de mest lovande och arbetar vidare på dem. Jag deltar i så många utställningar jag kan, det brukar bli 7-8 ggr. per år - ofta konstsalonger och mässor.


Domen Art School, Göteborg 94/96.

Konstfack, Stockholm 96/99 .

City and Guilds Art School, London 05/06

Years of Practice

I began painting 25 years ago, 1990 I think. My first exhibition was held -92.

Information about work style

When people are talking about my work, they often call it "surrealism". Even if I don´t consider myself to any ism:s, I normally just nod and agree. Other people know more about your paintings than you do yourself - that I know.

I work figuratively. If it fits, I sometimes put abstrakt elements into the pictures. Shadows or the effects of light is the main theme for my work, and into that framework I put the ideas that comes to me.

Details about materials and techniques you use

I work almost exclusively with oil on canvas. Nowadays I paint rather thinly. I`m using glazes quite a lot, and that is - I think - rather uncommon today.

Where you find your inspiration

Everywhere, i suppose. An idea for a painting can come to me while I walk in the forest, but just as easely while reading the newspaper. I never "look" for motives, never consciously that is - they just appear.

Which other artists and movements

Individual artists always influenced me more than movements. I have painting-idols from the renaissance all the way to present times and naming them here will form too long a list. But here´s a few: Caravaggio, de la Tour, Rembrandt, Turner, Hammershöj, van Gogh, Max Ernst, Magritte, Bellow, Picasso, Hopper and Bacon.

(Of course you can´t see them all in my paintings, but they had their influence never the less.)

Future Plans

When I started out 25 years ago, my future plan was... well, it was more grandiose then it is now: I wanted to be rich and famous. Today it is just to survive. But to change the profession I chosed, hard as it sometimes is, has never been an option.

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