Lia Chechelashvili


I’ve always been inspired by human figures in motion, not static. The main features of my art are linear transformations of human forms, their interaction with each other, with objects, with space... I love to use line for delivering my vision - to express my ideas efficiently, with elegant simplicity. So compositions with white lines on dark background became my signature. My works have been exhibited and sold worldwide.



Years of Practice

From eighties till now.

Information about work style

My works can be divided into three main categories:

1. White lines on dark background (executed mostly with gouache/acrylic): “Party”, “Illusion”, “Cube” are examples of this body of work. Human forms, their interaction, linear transformations of the objects, rhythmic play of construction – these are the main features of my work. In those compositions I used line as a minimalistic mean for delivering my thoughts and vision.
2. Oil paintings (oil on canvas/cardboard):
“Red flowers”, “Cup of decadence”, “Green construction” are examples of my oil paintings, which are also based on human forms. Other works are abstract or semi-abstract; the examples are “Composition 6”, “Composition 7”, “Composition 14”. In these works I try to deliver light, space and color. “Claroscuros” is the name of this series of works which I began in 2011. This Spanish word is the best fit to describe the subtle play and interactions of light and dark featured in these works. You can even look at them at weak lighting and still feel this infinite space which is created by those smooth transitions from light to dark.
3. Digitally embellished drawings:
This body of work is a natural continuation of my line-works. In 2000’s, I began applying digital effects to my drawings. The idea was to enrich simple line and make it look more complex, thus through that complexity create a new kind of form. The examples of this body of work are “Radiant tango”, “Lovers”, “Autumn lovers”.

Details about materials and techniques you use

Acrylic, gouache, oil, digital art

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