Hildegarde Handsaeme


Born in Kortrijk Hildegarde resides and works in Terlanen (S.E. of Brussels). With an articulate preference for the figure and the nature of woman she went the self-teaching way in the plastic art form. The sensitive approach of this theme remains her source of inspiration which is utterly inexhaustible. The recognition of her artistic plastic language was a fact a couple of years ago when she obtained the third international prize for painting in Libramont.



Years of Practice

Since 1991 active in art.

Information about work style

As a red thread Hildegarde's personality runs through her works which show us a very characteristic world. She seems to know always what she does and why and she leaves nothing to fate. her work is as she meant it and what she means she gets by her own way from background into focus so one can say without looking at her signature that her personality is clearly there. Her work is very personal and shows that art in se has no boundaries, is not subject to strict laws, is unseizable and difficult to put into words (E.BOON).

Details about materials and techniques you use

Acrylic on canvas.

Why you create this type of art

It’s myself!

Where you find your inspiration

In my head.

Which other artists and movements

All the modern painters.

Future Plans

Make more paintings!

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