Isaac Pirian


Super Natural Photography
What is Super Natural photography?
Have you ever noticed how some clouds can make an image that remind you of an animal, shape or place that you might know or have visited? Perhaps like a bird, a cat, plane, house, or …
My name is Isaac Pirian and I have found that God has blessed me with a wonderful gift that I can look at the trees, stones, water, fire, shadows and almost any other media of nature and see different wonderful images that are so astonishing that can be close to unbelievable.
Over the past few years, I have photographed nature from a different perspective. It is possible to say that I am looking at nature from different level or different phase. When I look at nature I freeze time and see things that others may just pass by without paying attention.
I am introducing a new and unique style of photography that I have called "7th Dimension photography". After the obvious regular 6 dimensions, there is the additional spiritual inner dimension, the 7th dimension that I am presenting to you the photographs of the nature.
I have come to the conclusion that I should share this wonderful gift in order to benefit others.
All the photographs are original. My intention is to keep the photographs as original as possible. Therefore, NO Photoshop is used in my pictures, unless for adding some special effects. The subjects are not altered by adding or deleting subjects.
The pictures that I have photographed are the subjects that I have found. By looking at my photographs, you will find other subject, shapes that are all correct. The beauty is in the eye of beholder.
Part of the revenue will be donated to help children with eye problems so they can also enjoy nature.

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