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Online Galleries are here to stay

THE ONLINE ART WORLD IS HERE TO STAY Gallery responses con rmed that there is no longer a question about [...]

How Art Revives Our Life

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso Art and [...]

Buy Art Online – The Benefits

Benefits when you buy art online What if they sell me a fake or a copy? Is it a hoax? What if it’s not [...]

Street Art, Decorative Painting and Graffiti Around The World

It is not uncommon in cities around the world to see the over dramatic and unintelligible lettering and [...]

Spiritual Drawings and Abstract Art Paintings

Spirit Drawings – Georgiana Houghton Have you ever heard about an 18th century artist who painted [...]

The Unique Sculptures of African Art

The Evolution of Unique Sculptures in African Art African art has increasingly become of the utmost [...]

How to Build an Art Collection

How to Build an Art Collection The art that you decide to hang on your walls is like a story, telling [...]

Art as Therapy for Children

Art Therapy and Children`s Art Art is known as a way of expressing deep emotions. When we get involved [...]

Art photography Now and Then

Art photography through the Years Photography can be dated back in history in the 19th and 20th century. [...]

The Unique Art of David Bowie

David Bowie – Unique Decorative paintings The world-famous and practically legendary musician David [...]

Colors in Art – A Feeling

Colors- How They Affect Our Mood When looking to purchase decorative paintings or unique art prints, [...]

Artworks with Symbolism

Artworks with Symbolism: When You Want More than Just Decoration Buying art may be easier done these days [...]

Original Art Online ‐ Connecting People

  In the digital age that we live in, connecting with people has become easier, and finding people of [...]

How to Blend in Art Prints with your Home Design

All lovers of art know that moment. You see the piece, and something inside you is moved, as if a hand [...]

Art Therapy

Art Therapy The common definition of art therapy is the use of one’s creative process in making art to [...]

Using Art for Home Design

Using Art for Home Design Bringing art into your home design can provide a new look, a centerpiece, a [...]

Investing in Art

Embracing Beauty and Aesthetics when Buying Art Add value and beauty to your personal collection of [...]

Buying and Selling Art online

If you are a collector of art and you like the finer things in life, then buying and selling art online [...]