Buying art online can be overwhelming

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Only a few years ago, the idea of purchasing anything online was absurd and it has taken time to build trust. Amazon in the early years only sold books online, now they offer everything. E-commerce has seriously taken off with sites like Alibaba, Amazon, Ebay. All these websites have had to overcome the customers legitimate concerns. These centered around security of the transaction, actual delivery, will you like the product and if not, can you return it. As stated ,these are pertinent questions to have and hopefully this article will help you with your online art purchases.

The internet has significantly changed the way people look for and purchase art. People now have more choices at their fingertips. Now there is no real need to visit far off and enormous art galleries to find great art pieces. There are over 20 000 online art websites from artists to galleries offering all types of art, from both established and new artists. You do not have to feel as though purchasing art online is like playing Russian Roulette.

Here are some hints and tips I feel might be useful:

The eye of the beholder

If you have a passion for a painting or a style of art, my advice is to search and then search some more: There is so much information online that you now can view hundreds of artworks, within the comfort of your homes, offices or even commuting to and from work. This takes less time than going to a gallery to view a dozen pieces of art. Today’s technology even allows you to see an art piece up close with zoom functions. That means a greater chance to find a new piece you will fall in love with.

Eye of the beholder-
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Time is on my side

Buying online if far from perfect, take your time. Today you can review the piece using physical zoom features and most sites will have information on the artists. There are also ways to review how the art will look like in different  rooms, giving you an indication what the piece will look like in a room setting. You can email the website with any questions or concerns. Sometimes the original art can be expensive for you, it might be possible to purchase a print or canvas of the original at a reduced price. These can be limited editions with certificates of authenticity.

Site reputation – protect yourself

There are some questions to ask yourselves regarding trusting the website. Does the site have contact details? If you send a message, does someone respond? Does the website provide secure shopping and secure online purchases? Does the art come with authentication and is there a returns policy you find reasonable? - blog

At LemonJuice we understand these concerns and know that reputation is everything. Our curators have aimed to identify and showcase international artists and their diverse work. They know sometimes an original can be above some customers budgets, so they provide authentic prints of the original at an affordable price. We have many printing options available, including paper, canvas, acrylic and MDF types of prints in various sizes.

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