How to Build an Art Collection

How to Build an Art Collection

The art that you decide to hang on your walls is like a story, telling bits and pieces of you and weaving a thread that expounds on your personality and style. An art collection is your personal way to express yourself, telling all who see it more about who you are inside. However, it is not easy to begin a collection from scratch. When purchasing original art online, or when investing in art, how can you know where to begin?

Where Do I Start?

You can start with buying original art online – One of the most important things to do when beginning your new art collection is to answer the question: what is my motivation? Are you trying to decorate a space in your home? Are you looking for a long-term commitment to art? Do you want to express your personal style? Are you looking at art as an investment? These different motives greatly change how you will go about collecting art. Let’s start with the last example, when you are looking to invest in art.

When Investing in Art

An important aspect of investing in art is making sure that you keep yourself informed. Do not be shy to ask questions and get answers from trustworthy people, especially when you are just starting out. When you buy original art online, there are many communities that you can use for this. Everyone had to start somewhere, you are building valuable knowledge of the art world to better your investment gains. To make sure you get the best information, build contacts in art world that you can trust. For example, your favorite dealer and the people at the auction house are good people get to friendly with. Find and connect with those who represent your field of interest. To make sure you make a good investment, you need to find tomorrow’s prize winning artists today. A great way to do this is to check out art school degree shows, and see promising talent that is new on the art scene. Another interesting option is the New Contemporaries showcase, where you can see the peak performers of Britain’s art grads.

The Great Debate: To Match or Not to Match

When building a collection, you will hear many different opinions about whether or not your art needs to match in style or genre. Some will tell you that this is imperative. You must choose a theme and then build on that. Perhaps this means choosing artists of similar backgrounds, similar themes and symbols portrayed in the artwork itself, or similar colors and moods. Another option is, of course, to go for the same style, whether you are drawn to abstract, modernism, impressionism, and so forth. However, the other idea is to set your heart free and add to your collection whatever it desires. This means letting yourself pick on sheer whim, choosing what speaks to you and what makes you feel the most. This school of thought teaches that your collection can be as diverse as your interests and tastes, even if that means mixing up styles and genres. Ultimately, no one can make this decision for you. You must choose what kind of collection you want in your home. The good thing if you buy original art online is that your choice is almost endless.

Basic Tips for Starting an Art Collection:

– Do you love it? Art speaks to the emotions, so listen to what it’s telling you! If you don’t love the piece right off the bat, don’t be persuaded to buy it. When you are starting your collection, embrace different styles. Study different art and see what you’re drawn to, then push the boundaries of that. Don’t be afraid to explore! – Set a budget When collecting art, it’s easy to go overboard. Set your budget ahead of time and decide how much you can spend right now. You don’t need to build your collection in one night. Even if you must have small beginnings, you and your dealer can work together to build your collection. There’s no need to rush. Take time to appreciate your collection without stressing over your budget. – Arm yourself with knowledge Things such as art history, the history of the art market, and the current art scene are all important things to know. Learn about the different artists that inspire you, and the journeys they’ve had. Hone your appreciation for art. – Find a dealer You need a guide, someone who will be available to help you and can be like an art counselor to you. This is not the same as an art salesman. Let your collection be driven by passion, and find someone who shares that passion. – Keep informed Don’t be surprised by hidden costs, such as framing or insurance. Keep informed of current market prices when buying, and don’t miss out on a piece to add to your collection! – Enjoy the process This is a step we may forget sometimes, but the process of collecting art can be a thrilling and explorative adventure that reaches deep inside us. Don’t forget to enjoy every part of this! Your art collection speaks volumes about who you are as a person and your innate style. Buying original art online is a great way to either start your collection or start investing in art. You will begin a journey into passion and understanding that goes beyond words.