How to Present the Art

How to Present the Art for Sale to Start Selling on

The pictures and the videos on the site are the sole responsibility of the artist. However, we will provide our feedback and if needed, we will insist on material of higher quality.

This means that the artist needs to either take the photos and videos by himself or get a professional photographer to do it.


We have the possibility to add videos, in order to make the buyer feel closer to the artist and his art. This can be a general video on the artist and/or a specific video regarding the specific art piece.

Those videos should be rather short, with a maximum length of 2-3 min. They could be serious or funny, but they should be of a good quality.


There are three types of photographs on our site:

  • Photographs of original art
  • Photographs of art to print
  • Photographs of the artist

Photographs of Original Art

These photos need to be of such quality that the customer will be able to extract the information he wants regarding the details of the art piece.

We recommend that there will be more than one picture and from different angles.

There could also be close-ups to enhance special details.

Photographs for Printing

These photos need to of even higher quality than those needed for original art pieces.

One needs to have in mind that there can be very nice pictures of original art, sculptures etc. that can be printed too, if the quality is good enough.

In this case, it is advisable to have a professional photographer, in order to get the right light conditions and true colors in the digital picture.

Regarding the size of the digital picture, i.e., the number of pixels determines how large the maximum printed picture can be. To have a high quality resolution we need a minimum of 300 dpi and for medium resolution we need at least 180 dpi.

This means that in medium resolution picture, if we have a 3600 x 1800 pixel photograph, the maximum printed picture becomes 3600/180 = 10 inch, which results in a 20″ x 10″ (50.8*25.4 cm) picture.