LemonJuice Inteviews Nic Squirrell

Here at LemonJuice we are always interested to know what inspires artist to create art. What motivates them and where do they get their ideas from, we are also interested in the artists take on the business side of things as well as tips or advice for artists who are just starting out.

We contacted Nic Squirrell and we asked Nic 7 questions to gain insight into her creative process.

“Creativity is contagious, pass it on” Albert Einstein

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LemonJuice Interviews Nic Squirrel

Lemonjuice: When did you first start making art?

Nic: I’ve been making art as long as I can remember. I started taking it seriously when my grandad died and left me his watercolor paints.

Lemonjuice: What genre of art would classify your work the best?

Nic: I’d say it’s decorative.  My favourite subjects are birds, flowers and quirky creatures.

Lemonjuice: If you could talk to an artist who is no longer alive, who would it be and why?

Nic: I’d love to talk to Paul Klee.  His work fascinates me.  Or a cave painter, that would be really interesting! 

Lemonjuice:  What the first art piece you sold?

Nic: Not including the awful painting of a teddy bear my lovely grandma bought… I sold a painting to one of my art college tutors.  It was a huge confidence boost.

Lemonjuice: What is the current state of art/artists in society in your eyes?

Nic: I think there are more opportunities now than ever before.  You can easily reach a worldwide audience without going down the conventional routes.  It’s very exciting.

Lemonjuice: What advice could you give to beginner artists?

Nic: Make a lot of art.  Draw every day.  Pay attention to the business side of things too.

Lemonjuice: What inspires you to continue doing what you do?

Nic: I love it!  I can’t imagine doing anything else.  Except maybe being a zookeeper.

You can check out more of Nic Squirrell’s art here